Today I Sing To You


I now sing softly to myself as I did when I knelt by your bed leaning forward into your ear so that you could hear.  More often than not you responded to me when you heard my own lyrics to “You Are My Sunshine.”  The words were intended just for you and carried the love I felt for you and to say that you were special to me.  At times you squeezed my hand and I knew you understood.

My mother died today at about the same time that it is now.  The memory of that day and night still ring clearly and makes we question how the past nine years have passed so quickly.  I think of her often and wish that I was as strong as she was in her life and even stronger during her final journey.  I held her closely to me.  It was difficult for each of us to let go.  And then the moment came and everything was so quiet.

Today, right now I softly sing, “You are My Sunshine.”


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