Once More with Herman

Today closes this year’s Thanksgiving season, where again I have enjoyed my sister’s tasty turkey.   This morning only scraps were left of Herman (that is/was the Turkey’s name)……I know I ate more than I should have and I admit that control hasn’t been to high for me so it was easy to keep eating.   Now I  am returning home with great memories.  It is difficult to think of them since I am on a  plane heading for Florida where the seats are very tiny and the turbulence is knocking me around.  very small seats and being knocked around by turbulence!  Forty-five more minutes are left on the flight and waiting for it to pass and enjoy refuge from this travel environment.  

Each year I realize that traveling means that civilized amenities and friendliness is long gone.  I  continue to put up with the mass, cattle car way of travel, patiently quiet as everyone Pushes, shoves, cheats on queue places and steps on any available feet in their way. The best thing to do is smile, hold your temper or and refrain from sarcastic quips you want to say.  I sat near a woman who made sure I knew she thought she was better than me.  If only she knew.  My sarcastic quips would have made her stop and think.  I was good and endured.

As the plane continues its snail’s pace descent I will close my iPad now and finish this when I am home.  I will close my eyes and smell Herman roasting!  I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.



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