Enough is Enough with the Stones!

During my many years of blogging, I write about life and a path and how they relate to each other.  The paths (a metaphor for aging).  The further down the path the older you are.  Stones, some large, some small and some tiny are thrown on the path.  The stones are a metaphor representing all the events in your life.  Some you haven’t experienced, others are the ones that you have in memory.   There are two categories:  Good things and not so good.  In a post, I  always hope that the reader understands what is in between the lines.  I feel it is wrong to force feed the bad to a reader.  If they don’t see the subject, then they are better off. 

Humans have the ability to solve the stone’s mystery, although, when you see a stone it must have a tale about you.  If it were about someone else you would not feel anything. But if it is about yourself you will know immediately that it represents a true event, present or in the future.  When I saw a stone recently, I knew what it was immediately, but I preferred not to think or deal with the feeling I had.  Afterward, I went into a frump!!  

My frump (my word for depression, anxiety and unwillingness to look at the problem head-on) made me think and realize I needed to buck up and face it.

I already had a knee replacement last year done by a lovely man MY AGE.  It was not a pleasant experience.  After a year of pain,  I saw a new, younger man,  over six-foot tall, an orthopedic surgeon who knew immediately what the problem was.  The prostatic was not rotated properly to align with the angle of my leg.

Old surgeon(improper rotation of prosthesis)= PAIN PAIN

New, Young surgeon(new parts + ability for success)=ahhhhhhh!!!

All of this is about remembering that if I ever want to be ambulatory like I was before, then I need the surgery.  Once this surgery has had time to heal, then the other knee will be operated on for its own knee replacement.  I only hope my left knee can wait till the right knee has healed.  No sweat, finally I have learned the fine art of waiting……..but

There better not be many more stones in my path.

Enough is enough!