Days of Storm


Must a storm be linked to  black clouds producing torrential rains,  or the chaos a hurricane’s storm surge and high waves as they bring destruction and even more frightful are missile war heads carrying disease or gas that will destroy entire cities in moments.

Imagine the storm produced when one day you chat with someone close to you and the next day learn it was their own hand that caused their death. In the aftermath, a storm of grief has no limit. The living suffer and the grief has no cure; grief can only be lessened by the years that pass and yet at the singular glance of  a trigger can return the agony.

As you sit at the bedside of a family member a wrenching moment arrives when you realize how quiet that special person is  Suddenly, grief hits you up along side your head and a storm begins to rage at you defying logic because you stiffly sit and wait for another breath. When a breath doesn’t come you know and  within a short time you begin a term of anguish that never ends; it subsides only until you see a trigger and in a flash your feelings  return and for the moment and you feel it never left.

Whichever storm strikes it will bring damage to your heart, your life and will never let the effect allow you to be peaceful!



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