Names, How Many for You!!

The day was still young and while sitting on the edge of the bed I thought how given names often become secondary to the person.  You start out with a single given name, possibly with a middle name.  The surname is usually the father’s last name unless there has been some problem.  It’s the given name that becomes a name that changes and often is hated or it is lost under the guise of the first letter of the given name something like F. Eugene and so on.

Wow, I just hid my first name from you.  You will know shortly all  the names I have! 

I would like anyone who is reading this post to help me write  another post by giving me your first name and a list of your nicknames.  If you do not wish your information used in any manner  don’t fill in the questionnaire.   I promise the information you give me will be scrambled with other information.

My information that I will submit will be:

Given Name


My great grandfather’s given name was the same as mine,  My father’s middle name was the same.


  • Buzz:  1st nickname given to me by my Father.  He said I always buzzed during diaper changes!  For many this name still is used.
  • Buzzy:  My aunt added the “y”.  Don’t know why!  My Mother followed suit using it.
  • Franny Gene:  As I grew older my aunt started using this and lasted with her for years.
  • Francis Eugene:  Only used by my Mother when I had done something she didn’t like.
  • Sonny:  from my father in my teen years
  • Frank:  1st night in the dorm at CIA the coordinator took roll and called Frank, no one answered so I finally did.  That was in 1965 and it still is here!  Now for official documents and travel I need to use my given name!
  • Frankie:  From M
  • Crimafice:   From M. since I have hammer toes!
  • Brudder:  When I write to my sister it is Dear Seeeeeeeester and when I close it’s der Brudder.



Please feel comfortable doing this for me.  Your information will come directly to me.  I will be the only one to see it.  If you have a name you wish not to appear publicly just tell me not to publish it.  

Let’s see who will beat the number of names I have!!

I know this is crazy, but I hope you will join in!!  Thank you!!


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