This Day

This day will leave without a whisper of intrigue,
nor did a ray of sun that shines brightly make it all better.
It is like if Momma wasn’t around to make the pinched finger feel better.

This day brings the darkness for the night unless the moon visits.
Yet, that blackness in the night is something akin to a mystery book,
you read, you wonder, you think and remain in the gloom of not knowing?

This day can bring every emotion to everyone that lives.
Imagine just how many emotions there are that affect you and me.
If you have too many then off to the psychiatrist you go.

This day brings the hope of a better tomorrow as salve for today,
yet think if you need a salve for the wrongs then have you ever been right.
Salves are like handing a child a piece of candy, once chewed its gone.

This day that we live isn’t just our day,  it is a day for everyone you know
and even for the people you may not know or even those you do not want know.
Regardless, it is a day where we should remember that to judge early isn’t good.

This day even makes me question why is it a day I need to be open to you,
or if it is someone else they may spin tales to get me to be open to them.
If I hold on and repeat silently “NO” and latch down my tongue I am safe.

This day is a day that I could be run over by a runaway car and lie bleeding
when suddenly someone comes running and it is you who I wish that it wasn’t.
Regardless, I am cared for, watched over for more bleeding and together we wait.

This day as we wait within the dimming light I realize how wrong I had been.
If he had not stopped, then would the rest of those that passed by be just like me?
This day becomes a time to thank, to remember, and a time to begin a change.


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