Weeds Are His Zen!

My gardener, who tells me that weeds are his zen, has been disfigured from a gunshot wound in the head. He was paralyzed on the left side and could not speak. After much therapy he speaks very well, walks with a pronounced limp and has little use of his right hand and arm.

When he came by to see me for an interview my first reaction was, ‘How do I tell him no.”  Hopefully my face didn’t give me away I thought that I should begin talking with him.    I kept thinking, ‘Can he do what we want?”  My conscious quickly intervened and I realized that if my father worked on the farm till he was about seventy-two and was able to do everything a farmer does with only one hand then this man may function just as well!

Our yard is a good place for him to work since there isn’t any grass. All the grassy areas are now with mulch and his primary job is pulling weeds and picking up leaves. .  I know there are some limitations he has like using the two-handled trimmer on bushes.

Today he gave M. an envelope with a note inside. It was addressed to both of us  In it he thanks us for employing him and gives us credit for looking beyond his limitations. Most likely others were disturbed by his disfigurement.

There may be a future day he may feel the job is  too strenuous for him.  Until then he will work and continue to have many weeds in the yard that are happy  to be his zen!



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