Tomorrow’s Promise

Everywhere a canopy of the darkest of night will change color by the movement of the sun at dawn to have the first light slowly begin to crest the horizon.  The first beams break over the horizon producing a soft glimmer of light that is seen by the darkened world below. Far above the horizon, the celestial sky changes to a gray tinged with soft pink and yellow.

Additional rays of sun, at the line of the horizon, continue to strengthen the light and all the colors join each other.  A gentle breeze helps produce a bright glimmer of light as they are seen between the leaves of the treetops.  It is this quiet time of day that is the most spectacular; a time when you wonder how this has always happened.

Through the ages, on either hemisphere and depending upon the earth’s angle, the dawn is the same. It readies us for the day and provides light in any opening of buildings.   The dawn and the passing of each day leads to dusk and onto the blackness of night.

The first beams glimmer again at the horizon and at that moment a doorway opens to tomorrow, the new day, when there is again ample time that mistakes from yesterday can be corrected in Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a special day, wait for it at the next dawn.!

It promises–

A second chance.

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