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It is with wonder that at this moment you clicked the about button.  WordPress has instructional suggestions for a blogger about what readers want to know about the author.  They also say that this page is read more than any other page of information you have on your blog.

I have been blogging for over a decade and, I have had very few readers that ever read my bio.  Believe me, I am not cynical. I truly believe that most readers are interested in the blog and less curious about the author.

After high school, I enjoyed two years in a great cooking school, which gave me skills I still use today.  After that, I spent one and a half years as a draftee and spent most of that time in Vietnam in the Infantry.  Ordinary life returned and I worked in an exclusive country club in East Hampton, New York.  My next move was to Chicago where I owned a small bakery.  While at the bakery I was hired by a top-notch caterer in Chicago.  A few years later I became the Vice President and did very well.  I left at the end of 16 years to move to Arizona where at 50 I entered college and seven years later graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts Degree in Fiber.

I see the world differently now and have many outlets to express myself.  A few years ago I found sculpture to be a remarkable way for expression.  While making the sculptures I began to paint.  Now, painting in watercolor is the only medium I work in.  I was mesmerized by the endless colors you can make and a painting can be soft or as intense in color as you wish.  I know it is the way for me to express my thoughts.

Ten years ago I began blogging.  I have had more than one blog and one day I wanted to combine them all.  Together they are a history, a passage of my life and a catalyst to believe its synthesis is of my whole body and my mind.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Frank

    I was reading your website and Gayle heard the music and came in to look over shoulder (its a good thing I wan”t looking at any porno!).

    I guessthisis the art exhibit you did after graduation. It very inovative and am sorry I missed it….. how long ago was that.

    Anyway Im just starting to read through your site and will get back to you.



    ps: let me know you got this. Yesterday i found a website by someone who has the rare blood disorder I think I have but th email i sent got bounced back.


    1. George and Gayle, So nice to hear from you. It sounds as if you were listening to the video of my show after grad school. Whoa!!–that was ages ago when I was still young and spirited. I am having my knee replacement from last year taken out and a new one put in on Monday. This does not be smile……….Come to visit again and read more!! Frank


  2. Hello Frank
    Dalip often asks about you, he is greatly moved by your story. I don’t know if I ever mentioned that my daughter is a chef in Vancouver. You must be very good to have completed the, I believe, extremely demanding course at the Culinary Institute. Do you still enjoy cooking? For me, it’s good therapy.
    Take care, cyber friend and don’t stop writing and visiting. Although I have been remiss about updating the Clock Struck One.
    The good news is, Dalip is slowly and steadily improving, although he sometimes has bouts of depression.


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