Shadows of Time

Waltzing in the moonlight

Memories of a lifetime

long ago.

A lifetime filled with dreams

of what lies ahead in the


Does the future ever come?

Or are we just living the same

lifetime over for all eternity?

Shadows of time passing over

the earth taking the old and

making way for the new.

Dust to dust….ashes to ashes.

Hearts stopping…..then a new

life begins with the beating of

a new and stronger heart.

Shadows of time…faded memories.

Dreams that will never come true.

Love comes.. never stays just fades

away in the clouds of what might

have been.

by sandrajo

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2 thoughts on “Shadows of Time

  1. Sandrajo’s poem jarred the memory of something I wrote when Dan came back into my life. He was so scared and wounded by his last two marriages that I was afraid that he could never love again.

    I sat down and wrote this as I watched him walk down the sidewalk after spending the night with me. I knew that he was unable to give or return my love for that moment in time. Because of his pain over loving and loosing, I wondered if I would never know love his love or if he was capable of returning my love.

    Now it seems appropriate because I have to do the same thing now that he has died. “…I must turn and walk away because there is no promise of today…”

    I set this to a melody that kept running through my head. I wish that I had the technology to be able to upload the song, but for now, I will share the lyrics

    No Promise Of Today

    No promise of today
    No hope of a tomorrow
    You simply walk away
    With no word of your return.

    No promise of today
    No hope of a tomorrow
    Just dreams of yesterday
    There is no promise of today

    I hoped that you would stay
    It’s so painful with your leaving
    And I want so much to say
    I can accept this as your needing

    Because a promise of today
    Would only bring you sorrow
    So my heart will have to stay
    There is no promise of today…

    I must turn and walk away
    There is no promise of today…


    1. It would be wonderful to hear your song, but for now the lyrics are a wonderful poem filled with very good thought. I am glad you read it. She really is quite good….Take care…Frank


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