For Shadowlands

In the early days of my being on WordPress I visited another blog. Back in those days I am sure I fell upon the blog by accident since everything was unfamiliar to me. I remember reading the first post that came onto my screen. It was one part of a women’s account of her husband’s journey toward the sunset of cancer. Not only did I read about this journey, but while doing so I realized the bond between these two people was very special.

In the weeks and months to follow, Shadowlands has been supportive of my exploration of preparing to enter my twilight and I continued to read hers to be a part of their journey and gain from her some peace from her strength.

Her husband has taken his final journey and no longer will need to live with the constant, unrelenting pain of cancer. On the other hand Shadowlands will begin her own new journey. She has many, many wonderful followers that have been with her all this time and we will continue to be there for her.

I would like to dedicate this post to her and her strength and to her husband’s memory. Shadowlands my heartfelt thoughts are with you..