Quiet Time

Very early morning is no longer strange to me.  As I grew older and began to go to bed earlier, the dark of early morning met me as I arose earlier and earlier.  Each day it became friendlier to me.   It’s a quiet time inside and out which brings tranquility to me so that I am inspired to do something more than lay on the sofa and wait for the hours to pass.  Not long ago I painted, sewed, cleaned, arranged within the house while I waited for sunrise to come.  When the sun just started to break over the horizon I stopped what I was doing, dressed quickly and in a few minutes was out in my garden working, sometimes for hours or only a few if it was in the summer time.

Our cat, Blackie, also likes to go outside in the early morning, but I don’t think that she cares about tranquility or enjoying the garden.  Blackie is out on the prowl, looking, sniffing, rolling around the dirt (ugh) and presently seems to have a longing to be out front of the house so that she can meet her date.  She certainly is infatuated with him. Yesterday, I watched as she rolled over many times, meowed a”come hither” tone and  wiggled her backside for him.  When I see her do this I thank God that she no longer can get pregnant.  One litter from her is quite enough!!

I think she could have done better finding a friend/suitor or partner for sexual fulfillment, but I think this cat is a cousin to Blackie’s first litter.  The older cat enjoyed prowling the neighborhood and impregnating every female he could find.  Too bad he wasn’t a gorgeous cat.  His genes handed down, like he was, just a basic ordinary cat!!  I must remember to talk to Blackie that she is too refined to go out with riff raff!

Whether it is her doing her thing, or me in the house, we each enjoy this time of day.  It is our private time, our time without questions or concerns, a time purely for us to do as we want!


If I Were God!!

You may feel that I am presumptuous in my little fantasy about what I may do if I were “God”, but remember fantasies are fantasies and I am only writing my thoughts that are stimulated by some happening.  Please understand this is a partial fantasy list that may or may not be added to a greater, future list.   So, if I were God–

  • Create Man so that he can multi-task (true multi-tasking) and that when needed, other fingers, hands and arms appear to help with the work.
  • Create Man to be able to work through the night, night after night without tiring or getting sore necks or red eyes, when they need to get enormous amounts of work done in a short period of time.
  • All injury repairs instantaneously, thus negating time for healing.
  • Exclude nervousness, depression, obesity, nasty, mean behavior, madness removed from man’s world.
  • Give all humans perfect pitch!
  • All humans will accept all other humans and compliment them on their appearance and work.
  • Create a never-ending source of money for everyone.
  • Remove absolute words, like “no” , when  used to control a situation  needlessly!

Additions to the 10 Commandments

  • After 50 years, give the cook in all relationships two days off each week.
  • After 65 years, give the same cook four nights out in a restaurant.
  • Regardless of the age in all relationships, if you cook your mate washes the dishes.  If you wash and iron the clothes then the mate cleans the house for an equal time.  Continue on splitting everything until it is equal!!

God could go on forever.  I am not God and  dinner awaits being made and the dishes are still piled in the sink.

Now what would you do if you were God?

Could I be my OPPOSITE??

After I finished cleaning the car, including cleaning the leather seats and upholstery, I ran in the kitchen to get a drink before I showered and realized that it needs straightening and the counter had smudges and sticky crumbs on it.  A few dishes were in the sink that needed washing and some laundry was in the wash machine.   Last night, before I went to bed, instead of watching television for a short time, I cleaned the kitchen including polishing the counters, emptying the garbage and putting all the dishes away.  Standing dead center in the kitchen I asked why couldn’t I just leave it all be this way and why I always am uncomfortable if the house is in slight disarray.

“Why can’t I be like my OPPOSITE is!!

  • The house is very nice and I like it to shiny and polished and clean all the time.
  • I like clothes that are washed and ironed.
  • I like the yard neat, trimmed, weeded and mowed.
  • I like the bed made in the morning with the  bed spread on and the accent pillows placed at the head.
  • The accents and pillows in the  Great Room’s are to be in their proper place.

I can go on and on about how I like things, but I think it would become a boring since the list above gives you a good picture of me.

Simply put, I like everything nicely done and kept that way.  My Opposite would surely think I am anal.   I will admit that my Opposite will have much more time available to him and I suppose no one would think he is that much of a slob if he doesn’t iron his clothes.  If he doesn’t take a little extra time as he removed them from the dryer the clothes will be wrinkled.  Wrinkled clothes are an ingredient for being a slob!  .   He most likely doesn’t even see the need to make the bed everyday, nor feels that dusting the furniture and keeping the houses neat is ever necessary.

I have traveled through the many quirks I have that make me the person I am.  My great attention to detail, a love for color, an attraction to both symmetry and asymmetry affords me the ability to be an artist, as well as a great cook and has the ability to design his own furnishings in the house.  I am sensitive and rarely cross social mores.  To offend some one is in direct conflict when I believe fully that,

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will always hurt me.

Not any use wasting any more time  asking if I could be my OPPOSITE.  If I could, then I wouldn’t  be me.

I am me!

A Lesson Gained within My Time

To know what life is all about and
accept that all things may not be good,
paves the day when turmoil begins to disappear.

To know that what I do is for me,
is better than imprudent attempts to do for others,
who rarely understand my fire of intent.

To look toward tomorrow and its sunrise
brings a return of goodness to the soul
and when it comes then I can smile.

To hold on to what  is dearest to me,
to keep the memories locked in my heart each day,
keeps them safe from the will of others.

To speak the truth of what and who I am,
of recognizing and accepting my ups and downs
will make me as I would like to be.

To cry a tear, to laugh out loud, to be quiet as I wish
are choices I decide on and not within the realm
of others to change me as they wish.

To grasp the sunshine as I  can and
splash my  feet within the puddle from the  rain
is on the day can say “I am fine and I will not change!”