It’s Like Comfort Food or Not


Dark Cumulonous clouds rumble and growl.  White bolts of lightning strike downward.  From above a spigot opens.  It is like comfort food.

Living in Florida tests my premise and my enjoyment of storms.  In the last four days heavy rain has flowed from that spigot.  It is June and hurricane season must be planning a showy entrance with all this rain.  I tease M. that he should remember to water the plants.  He scowls and snickers at me.

Another issue to vex us is that with so much rain our roof is leaking again.  There is plastic sheets with flat trays topped with towels lying around the Great Room floor.  We thought that the roof had been fixed, but I guess if it rains hard enough it finds a way in!!

I have been here long enough to begin to see differences.  This rain is early this year.  Possibly, I should go out and buy canned food and a couple of gallons of water.  If the rain continues, even stronger and with wind, I will think about buying supplies.    If I do buy some supplies, M. will taunt and tease me.  I will tell him it doesn’t hurt to have the larder full!!   If we didn’t have food during a major hurricane I think I would not suffer, but he might need a little nourishment.  M. and I are like Jack Sprat could eat no fat,  his wife could eat no lean and so they licked the platter clean.

I prefer licking that platter when the downpour of rain and wind are like they used to be in the Midwest.  There, they were like comfort food, but here I am not sure!


Strangely, Quiet and Calm

It’s strangely, quiet and calm, quite the opposite of the usual bustle. I face the empty desk and blank monitor at the gate. there are no attendants anywhere. When another half an hour passes and all remains quiet I may wonder what is up, down or any direction. Waiting to leave passes swiftly! It doesn’t always pass so well–then I become more and more impatient.

The damp air is cold and windy with a grey sky. In a couple of hours if there is a temperature drop it will dry dry up the dampness, although, in five hours I will be back home where gentle, tropical breezes blow in the winter. Even though I suffer from bad sinus’, heightened by the temperate climate, I choose to have a nose problem rather than be cold.

The bitterness of the Midwest winter left its mark on me since childhood and I find no pleasure in shivering, jumping around to warm my toes or needing thick clothing to keep warm. Scooping snow, scraping frost from the car window, using a heated blanket in bed or walking in a blizzard’s winter wonderland is not for me. Today, the wind ripped through my coat as i filled the car with gas. The jumping dance was necessary to keep me warm. I leave the weather without regret until I return again in the spring.

The airpot bustle is here. The gate is busy with passengers. It is no longer quiet and calm!